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Introducing the

Badassery Oracle Deck

This deck is a powerful, comforting and informative companion for anyone who is on a personal healing journey. Whether you are healing from a lost relationship, past trauma or just looking to better yourself, this deck contains a wealth of information, tips and tricks to support you in stepping into your very best and healthiest life!

The Companion for your Healing Journey

The healing journey is unique for each person.

And yet, there are commonalities to every journey.

Your Badassery Oracle companion brings to you many perspective shifts, tools and practices necessary to bring more ease, grace and traction to your specific healing.

You don't have to journey alone

I created this deck so you can have me in your back pocket when you need support immediately.

Whether you are trying to navigate the energetic world as a highly sensitive intuitive/empath or you need some insight about how to be in a relationship with yourself or others – your Badassery Oracle has answers and insights for you.

About Your Badassery Oracle Deck Companion

Contains 42 powerful messages that are on point.

Offers guidance to move through and beyond old habits, patterns and perspectives.

Lovingly meets you where you are at and lifts you to your next greater yet to be.

Understands that the struggle is real and there is peace, joy and love beyond your moment of challenge.

Is always with you guiding and supporting your every step.


SC, UKEssential tool!
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This set of oracle cards is so fantastic. They are essential tools for any empath.
RD, USABe the badass you are!
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A great set of tools that lets you put on your superhero cape and be the badass you are!
TP, UKClarity and Calm
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Every time I reach for one, I get an instant fix of clarity and calm.
LM, Mexico
LM, MexicoMuch Needed Tools
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A much needed set of reminders and tools on how to live my perfectly imperfect life being authentic, human and spiritual
BH, USA Helps Deepen Connection
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These oracle cards are a blessing! The tools are perfect for deepening connection with yourself and teaching you how to step into your power!
KG, USALike Melinda's with me!
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The Badassery Oracle deck is like having Melinda right there with me reminding me to be my badass self by using all of the amazing tools she taught me!

A Message from Your Guides

Beloved, you are never alone and you are always deeply loved and supported.

You have more guides, allies, guardians and angels than you could imagine.

We are always trying to speak to you.

This Oracle Deck is a clear channel to the messages we want you to know.

Badassery Oracle Deck

Quantity: 1x Deck
$ 34
  • Deck of 42 Healing Cards
  • Beautiful Moon & Stars Carry Pouch
  • The Ultimate Healing Companion

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