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Step into your healing journey with the clarity, support and tools to finally make it to your goals!

What Are You Struggling With?

Together you will move past difficult experiences and limiting thoughts to achieve a more self-realized and fulfilling life.

Losing Weight

Develop a deep love within yourself which is rich in compassion & respect.

Past Trauma

Explore your unresolved past events and resolve the original experience.

Life Goals

Identify and clear limiting beliefs that are stopping you reaching your goals.


Recognize & move past habits that have outlived their usefulness.

About me

Are you ready to receive the support you deserve to achieve results?

By creating a safe and judgment-free space – I compassionately empower others to embrace the ALL of their being, open and expand their awareness, and anchor to deep inner knowing and higher inspiration; so that they can know the power that they ARE, clearly see limitless possibilities and move consciously to create an abundant life for themselves which overflows and ripples out into the world.

“Let me know if you are ready to shine, ready to be strong and step into the powerhouse that you are! I'm ready to walk that journey with you!”
Melinda v. jacobs

Gain Control of Your Life and Find the Balance You Need to Succeed!

Are you tired of repeating painful patterns of addictive habits and/or abusive relationships? Ready to free yourself from your past and invest in your future? Far beyond traditional therapy, Melinda Jacobs will guide you through unique experiences blending counseling, intuitive coaching, Cellular Release Therapy, and many other tools. As a result, weight loss and life goals are achieved while simultaneously freeing yourself from past trauma! It is time to live a life of radical self-care, fulfilling relationships and life purpose beyond imagination. 

Past life regression - trauma clearing

Cellular Release Therapy

Feeling stuck in events and traumas of the past can diminish our present-moment happiness and cause us to make choices based on old patterns rather than our own highest knowing. Working together, we can clear through these places of resistance and keep you moving forward.

Weight Loss - The Gabriel
Method ™


Complex challenges like addiction recovery and sustainable, emotionally healthy weight loss can require a gentle yet determined approach to truly succeed. My years of experience and extensive training around these core challenges allow us to craft a safe and direct path through the maze of misleading and overwhelming information to genuine success.

Sensitivity training - spiritual guidance


In this ever changing world, it’s common to feel disconnected from Source or feel too much from our environment. I can help you reestablish or deepen your ‘higher’ connections and teach you how to navigate an energetic world more safely while staying connected to your unique heart signature.

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My Unique 3-Fold Approach

Whether you are looking to release weight, move beyond old trauma or step into your best life – I offer a unique 3-fold approach to help you meet your goals.

Address Past Trauma

Through tools like Cellular Release Therapy, the old remnant energy of experiences of the past can remain with us like a thorn in your paw – painful and you can create some interesting ways to avoid the discomfort...

Learn Better Tools & Skills

I believe even the most dysfunctional behavior is a skillset, albeit not the most effective to truly meet your needs. Emotional eating is a powerful tool to address difficult feelings and self sooth...

Emotional Integration

Are you aware that there are different ‘parts’ of you showing up in various places in your life. The place I hear it most often is “I am ready to lose weight, but there is a part of me that is scared to give up evening snacks” or “I am ready to have a new love relationship but I’m too shy and insecure”. ..


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InsightTimer is a fantastic platform and app with the largest free library of 100,000 guided meditations. It allows you to meditate as long as you want without ever paying a cent. With customizable timers, beautifully designed charts and the ability to switch between 30-languages, it’s the perfect platform to begin your meditation journey to a happier, more energetic self. 

Melinda Jacobs, CCHt.
Everything You Need Is Within You
Melinda Jacobs, CCHt.
Getting Into The Present Moment

What My Clients are Saying

I have worked with Melinda for about 2 years now, on and off. I have found her healing abilities and the tools she uses to be extraordinary. But more than that, Melinda herself is a gift. She has a rare and unique perspective in life that, as she applies it to her sessions, allows others to rise above the chatter of their worries and problems and reminds them of their own ability to be their highest self.
New Jersey
Among Melinda’s many gifts is her remarkable ability to lead people though the depths of the human spirit and psyche. I see her as an expert at navigating this terrain, and a way-shower to those of us on a healing path. While many might opt to bypass this terrain for the ease and comfort of disembodied light, Melinda brings presence, light and love into its hidden and fragmented places.
Ontaria, Canada
Melinda is the Indiana Jones of the cellular release technique. Undauntedly brave and resourceful ... kind, compassionate, thorough and professional ... Melinda gently works her magic. I felt safe, valued and supported. I highly recommend her ... and thank her for guiding me through the rugged terrain to inner calm and clarity.
Montrose, CO
Over the past six months I’ve done emotional release work with Melinda. This work was in combination with conventional talk therapy, and the combination was powerful beyond words, with talk therapy uncovering old issues and Melinda’s work literally sweeping away the old emotions that surfaced. After trying many modalities for emotional healing, I can say with confidence that the work with Melinda has been absolutely stunning.
Sedona, AZ
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